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Great Kid’s Book Pick!

What a great gift for a child, from author Victoria Kann, who also wrote Goldilicious!

Aqualicious Victoria Kann

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Winter Book Picks

It’s cold outside, so stay inside with a great book! All you’ve heard about the book “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr is true.  It’s a really a good story with wonderful writing! We highly recommend this book for a cold weekend treat.

And for the best read on interplanetary travel that has been written in years, try “The Martian” by Andy Weir.  We loved it.

All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr The Martian Andy Weir

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Cook Books for the Holidays!

We have all of the recipes you’ll need for cooking and entertaining this holiday season. We’ve got books on special dietary needs, watching your weight recipes, and inventive holiday cooking! Stop by the store and really wow your guests this year!

Pelican Bookstore Holiday Cook Books

Pelican Bookstore Holiday Cook Books


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Christmas Cards are Here!

Christmas cards have arrived! Beachy beautiful! Get your holiday season started now!

Pelican Bookstore Christmas Cards

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New Out Next Week!

Get ready to put on those reading glasses because we’ve got some great new releases coming out next week. Stop by the store and pick one up (or two, or three!). And we have all the new Christmas novels starting to be released!

There’s Wilbur Smith’s Desert God, John Grisham’s Gray Mountain, and Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Stars. Sounds like some good fall reading is on the way!

Desrt God Wilbur Smith Gray Mountain by John Grisham Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic to the stars

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End of Summer Picks!

Jan Karon has released a new novel in her Father Tim series called, “Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good”. Lee Child also has a new book out and his favorite character, Jack Reacher, makes an appearance in it.

Things are staring to quiet down here at the beach. It’s a great time for bird watching and surf fishing (we’ve got some guides for it). These are indeed the lazy days of the end of summer. Come on down to the beach, the living is easy!

Jan Karon Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good

Lee Child Personal

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Book Recommendation!

Now that vacation season is winding down we have a terrific book for you to read. It’s called “I Am Pilgrim” written by Terry Hayes. 600 pages worth of action packed reading! Stop by and pick up a copy!

I Am Pilgrim Terry Hayes


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